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QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™


Tour History

This is Charlotte's "Original" Black/African-American Heritage Tour™

Legal Note: Queen City Tourssm and Travel is the sole "legal" proprietor of the QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™. Engaging in a "same or confusingly similarly named" tour with another entity is illegal and as such you may be party to legal actions.

Commissioner Ella Scarborough!

Source: The Charlotte Observer
In Memory of Commissioner Ella Olivia Butler Scarborough (1946 - 2022)

This tour is/was featured in:
WFAE NPR News Radio
US Airways Magazine, The Insider's Guide To Charlotte, and The Official Charlotte Visitors Guide!

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QCT Charlotte Black Heritage Tour

Jordan Family Reunion!
Jordan Family Reunion/Ballantyne

You never know who you will run into on our tours!

R & B Singer Anthony Hamilton in Myers Park

R & B Singer Anthony Hamilton! Richard Williams, Harvey Boyd, Juan Whipple, David White!

Left to Right: Mr. Harvey Boyd -- Creator of the Mecklenburg County Seal; Mr. Richard Williams -- Father and Trainer of Venus and Serena Williams; Mr. Juan "Jay" Whipple -- Founder/Director of Queen City Tourssm and Travel; Mr. Williams' Son; Mr. David White -- Developer


Buffalo Soldier Photo!

Buffalo Soldier
Henri LeGendre

Turner Reunion

Lou Donaldson Photo!

Jazz Great
Lou Donaldson

Daily Tour

Lou Donaldson Photo!

Filmaker Soulet Borinqueneers


The Uptown Portion of our Standard City Tour is Covered on this Tour!
This service is now available year-round and for groups of 13 or less!

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Read what a Charlotte native learned on our tour!

Hear what Johnny has to say about our tour!
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