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Below are documents that establish our company's intellectual property rights since our founding in 1993. If you are a "great" intellectual property attorney with a documented track record of success for a minimum of 10 years, and you would like to represent our company, please email us.

And Justice for All

Trade Name Registration Charlotte African-American Heritage Tour™ 1993

Trade Name Registration QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™1993

Service Mark Registration QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™1994

North Carolina Registration, Queen City Tourssm, 1999

Federal Trade Mark Registration Queen City Tours® 2008, page 2

North Carolina General Statues

§ 80‑11. Infringement.

Subject to the provisions of G.S. 80‑13, any person who shall:

(1) Use in this State without the consent of the registrant, any reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or colorable imitation of a mark registered under this Article in connection with the sale, offering for sale, or advertising of any goods or services on or in connection with which such use is likely to cause confusion or mistake or to deceive as to the source of origin of such goods or services; or

(2) Reproduce, counterfeit, copy or colorably imitate any such mark and apply such reproduction, counterfeit, copy or colorable imitation to labels, signs, prints, packages, wrappers, receptacles, or advertisements intended to be used upon or in conjunction with the sale or other distribution in this State of such goods or services;

...shall be liable to a civil action by the owner of such registered mark for any or all of the remedies provided in G.S. 80‑12, except that under subdivision (2) hereof the registrant shall not be entitled to recover profits or damages or any penalty unless the acts have been committed with knowledge that such mark is intended to be used to cause confusion or mistake or to deceive. (1903, c. 271, s. 6; Rev., s. 3019; C.S., s. 3978; 1967, c. 1007, s. 1.)

Federal Trademark/Landham Act

15 USC B' 1125

(a) Civil action
(1) Any person who, on or in connection with any goods or services, or any container for goods, uses in commerce any word, term, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, or any false designation of origin, false or misleading description of fact, or false or misleading representation of fact, which --
(A) is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive as to the affiliation, connection, or association of such person with another person, or as to the origin, sponsorship, or approval of his or her goods, services, or commercial activities by another person, or
(B) in commercial advertising or promotion, misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin of his or her or another person’s goods, services, or commercial activities, shall be liable in a civil action by any person who believes that he or she is or is likely to be damaged by such act.