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Mr. Harvey Boyd!

Mr. Harvey Boyd

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Mecklenburg County Seal!

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Mecklenburg County Seal!

Mecklenburg County was first to declare independence from King George III and England on May 20, 1775. The signing of this document preceded the signing of the Declaration of Independence by over one year -- July 1776, Philadelphia, PA. Past U.S. Presidents such as Taft, Wilson, Eisenhower, and Ford have traveled to Charlotte to attend the annual celebration of the signing of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.


Mecklenburg County Seal!

In 1964, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners solicited the local public for ideas regarding an "official seal" to represent the County of Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Mr. Harvey Boyd's design won among other designs submitted by local citizens.


Mecklenburg County Seal!

Before submitting his design for consideration, Mr. H. Harvey Boyd copyrighted his work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC. Today, he has exclusive permission from Mecklenburg County Officials to offer his design to the public for sale. No other individual -- including County Officials -- have this exclusive right!