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QCT Miami Black Heritage Tour™


Tour History

This is Miami's "Native Produced" Black Heritage Tour™

Legal Note: Queen City Tours™ and Travel is the sole "legal" proprietor of the QCT Miami Black Heritage Tour™, and has been conducting Black Heritage Tours since 1993.

Representative Carrie Pittman Meek!

Source: Public Domain
In Memory of U.S. Congresswoman (1993-2003) Carrie Pittman Meek (1926-2021)

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Scott-Graves Family Reunion!
Scott-Graves Family Reunion

You never know who you will run into on our tours!

Dr. Dorothy J. Fields, PhD of The Lyric Theatre/Overtown!

Dr. Dorothy J. Fields, PhD!
Photo Credit: David I. Muir
Dr. Enid C. Pinkney!
Photo Credit: Kenneth Curtis Photography

Dr. Enid C. Pinkney of The Hampton House/Brownsville!


The Downtown Portion of our Standard Miami City Tour is Covered on this Tour!

This service is now available year-round and for groups of 13 or less (subject to availability)!

This Could Be Your Group!

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